Case study

Content ops and editing for a multilingual website

We helped Downy plan and edit its website content for their Mexican and Brazilian markets.

The problem

Downy had a standard layout already designed in the US and needed to create content in English that would be localized into Mexican Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

They needed to hire a writer, edit their work and make sure everything was ready for translation in less than 10 days.

The solution

We started by creating a proficiency test to vet potential writers. The test goal was to evaluate the applicant’s ability to write for the web and follow voice guidelines. We reviewed the tests and found the right fit for the project.

Since we were working with a tight schedule, we divided the work on daily deliveries and included room for one feedback round and potential rewriting. We scheduled the most tactical content, such as product pages, for the first days and left the most strategic writing, such as the About and the Home pages, for later. This was aimed at giving the writer time to experiment with the most straightforward content before addressing the most critical parts of the website in terms of branding.

To onboard the writer rapidly, we created a document with key voice and formatting guidelines. Documenting guidelines reduces errors and rewriting, and strengthens collaboration by clarifying the criteria used to evaluate work.

Thanks to the time dedicated to finding a talented writer, documenting the voice guidelines and building a precise schedule, the project developed seamlessly. We delivered high-quality content on time and ready for localization.

Why it matters

Operations exist, whether you plan them or not. Without a clear plan and performance guidelines, the project’s quality depends on a silent tradeoff between each team member’s incentives. And what’s best for each part in isolation is rarely best for the system.

A content ops plan provides a framework to make informed decisions about which content to produce, how it will be produced, and who will be responsible for it. A clear roadmap helps you to have consistent quality standards, reduce delays and mistakes and streamline collaboration. This results in higher profitability and quicker delivery.

Screenshot of Downy's site for Brazil.
Screenshot of Downy's site for Brazil.

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